And now we rise…

Hi, I’m Idan; welcome to my blog, created for and about Small Wonders: How microbes rule our world , a book about microbiology intended mainly for people who don’t usually go for that sort of thing. It’s been in shops from September. It’s funny.

The story so far:

In 2006 I took part in a workshop for University of Melbourne post-graduate students and staff who wanted to learn how to write for a general audience. What exactly I was doing there is still a bit of a mystery; the most honest answer would probably be that it was a better than average excuse for not doing any work. You can read about the rest of what happened at the workshop on page 11 of this. The lot of us also appeared in an article in The Age. A few months later I found myself with a publisher, a contract, a deadline and a stunned realisation that otherwise sane professionals are expecting me to write an actual book. During a momentary lapse of reason which somehow lasted for over a year, I did. As usually happens in these cases, along the way the concept, the target age and the original title changed , but the main theme remained: science with the funny bits left in. So far, readers with no scientific background whatsoever seem to like it. So does a reader with quite a bit of scientific background:

“…an absolutely delightful book..” from Dr. Karl

I hope you’ll think so too.


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