A short bio:

I’m 33; I’m married; I have a baby boy, Daniel, who is objectively (trust me, I’m a scientist) the most amazing human being ever to exist. Here he is, see for yourself:



I was born in Jerusalem, grew up in the usual manner, read a lot, studied less, thought I’d be a musician but reality coughed politely and I turned elsewhere for career options. (I still have a black Fender Strat with a nice amp back at my parents’ home, though, and a sweet little Yamaha acoustic for household use.) Reckoned I’d like to become a doctor (I’m not quite sure why. I think it had something to do with a girl); couldn’t quite manage to get into med school; did get accepted into dental school through no fault of my own; shuddered at the thought of the poor innocent patients who’d get my hands in their mouths; finally settled for Medical Science, which is really Biology, only with a sexier name. Loved it. Discovered microbiology, went ahead and did a master’s in it; loved it even more, though wasn’t much good at the technical side. Thought about a doctorate and why not go abroad while I’m at it? Came to Melbourne and discovered eventually that I’d much rather talk about biology than actually do it. In the meantime, sneaked a thing or two into the back pages of New Scientist (actually, three – can you spot it?). Have been engaged in a doctorate in Philosophy of Science lately, attempting to examine Synthetic Biology and “Wet A-Life”.

That’s me.


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