So Cold.

Melbourne is drenched with rain (that’s good) and freezing (not so good). We’re keeping our heaters on and covering up nicely, and it seems to do the trick. Daniel caught the sniffles last week but since he’s had no prior experience of sickness he didn’t seem to know that he’s supposed to be suffering,and did everything he usually does, only in a slightly stickier manner. It went away in due course and he’s back in the saddle again

Back in the saddle

Back in the saddle

In the meantime, this article from “The Age” both heralds and disses yet another cold cure (or, more accurately as a cursory reading shows, cold symptom relief) – this time it’s rubbing feet with stuff. As a father I understand how exasperating a child’s sickness can be, and how desperate a parent can grow in search of something that would help. And massaging your kid’s feet with Vapour rub is as good as any other measure. My mum relied on chicken soup and book readings. I think she was operating on the “Nanny Ogg” principle: a healer (to be found in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series of books) who’d prescribe the patient whatever they like best, and let the body get on with the job of healing itself.

For further details on the cold and why medical science isn’t providing a cure, secret family recipes and so forth, see “The Common not-so-good” in Small Wonders. In the meantime, dress warm.


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