Going to California

Good Things happening! The American edition of SW has won the (take a deep breath, now) 2010  American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) / Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books in the  Young Adult Science Book category.

Whew.  Long prize name, there. SB&F – or Science Books & Films to give its full name – is an AAAS-published review journal for educators and libraries.

I’m well pleased, as you may imagine. Plus, I get to go to the AAAS annual meeting in San Diego in February and flutter like a butterfly between sessions. Plus the book   got a nice write-up (subscription required to view text) in Science journal (which the AAAS publishes). Like nearly every aspiring scientist, I used to dream that my name would one day appear in Science;  I gave up on that dream pretty quickly (and painlessly), as I realised quite early on that  I’m not nearly that good a  scientist. Now it happened …sort of… in a roundabout kind of fashion…

So, quite joyous and even a little proud. As good a reason as I’ll get to put one of my favourite songs here: Stevie Ray Vaughan’s kickass track “Pride and Joy”. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Going to California

    So this is what can happen when you do what you love 🙂
    Did you have a big celebration about it? I really must get around to actually reading your book sometime.. Reputedly it’s very funny.

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