Guilty as charged.

Author copies of the Brazilian edition of SW – “Pequenas maravilhas” – arrived this morning at my doorstep. A very nice way of starting one’s day; I recommend it heartily.

I had a peek inside, as you do  – though what you expect to achieve by that is a mystery. The first and only thing that caught my eye is the interesting fact that the translator chose to amend the first few paragraphs, in which I originally demonstrated my ignorance of cricketing terms;  I now appear to be demonstrating to Brazilian readers my ignorance of GOLFING terms. Which is quite correct. Good job there. How did they know?

3 thoughts on “Guilty as charged.

  1. Hi Idan! We met at the AAP a couple of years ago. I wanted to ask you a question about a course you teach, if you could send me an email so I can have your address.

  2. Hey there!

    I´ve just received a copy of the brazilian edition as part of the promo. I´m a bit of a science writer getting a PhD in Molecular Biology that writes to a blog in the brazilian branch of Science Blogs and have one of my own, called Ciensinando, dedicated to science teaching.

    Best regards and congrats on the book!

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