Darn Tootin’ My Own Horn:

Endorsements are in! I’m very excited. Also humbled to a near-catatonic state. Check them out:

This surprisingly ambitious, eminently accessible book brilliantly summarizes the essential features of the immune system for a lay audience. The quirky humour masks an underlying authority and competence. The work is right up to date, even incorporating recent Nobel Prize winning insights into the evolutionarily ancient innate immune system. It is a triumph of popular medical science.
Sir Gustav Nossal

An accessible account of a complex and important topic.
Prof. Peter C. Doherty, Nobel Prize winner

A terrific introduction to the complicated beast that keeps us alive.
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

We’re putting them on the cover of Why Aren’t We Dead Yet – and now it’s off to the printers (I’m told) for the 23rd July publication.

Finally, for those of you who like the phrase “darn tootin’” as much as I do, here’s something completely unrelated and very, very funny

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